Privacy Policy

 Privacy Statement 

In accordance with Victorian legislation and Government policy, [insert name] protects the privacy of personal and health information it holds and uses it only for the purposes intended.

This Privacy Statement explains how your personal information (being information capable of identifying you as an individual) will be treated as you access and interact with this website.

Collecting your Personal Information

Alfred Health, Physician Education provides medical education and training to students and clinicians including hand-on skills training, conferences, postgraduate education and continuing professional development seminars and workshops, and related information and assistance.

When you participate in any of our programs and/or courses, we may collect personal information about you such as your name, your contact details, and other information such as your educational qualifications, CPD points or credit card details. .

We collect this information from you when we ask you for it and you provide it (including when you contact us, enrol in one of our programs or use our website or related apps, social media or digital services), and from others on your behalf authorised by you.

We use technology and tools that tell us when a computer or device has visited or accessed our content. Those tools include services from search engines and other companies that help us to tailor our  education and training programs to better suit our customers and potential customers. Search engines provide facilities to allow you to indicate your preferences in relation to the use of those tools in connection with computers and other devices controlled or used by you.

Using Your Personal Information

We use your personal information for the purpose of that which is was provided for Examples include:

  • to respond to and process your requests such as for information about our clinical education and training programs, or to enrol you in one of our programs;
  • to administer and manage our clinical education and training programs and courses, including recording details of progress of a student through a course and results achieved, calculating CPD points, and providing information to higher education regulatory bodies or clinical colleges;
  • to confirm your identify, such as when you contact us with an enquiry;
  • to notify you of any changes to our programs and courses;
  • to operate programs and forums in different media in which you are able to share information, including your personal information, with us and publicly (on the Terms applicable);
  • to determine if you are eligible for certain products, services or offers;
  • for a business or professional relationship, we may have with you;
  • if you apply for employment with us, to consider your application;
  • to conduct market research about our clinical education and training programs; and
  • to amend records to remove personal information.


Storing and Disclosing Your Personal Information

We use various technology and security systems to safeguard the personal information we store from misuse, loss, unauthorised access or unauthorised disclosure.


In using your personal information, we may pass on your personal information:

  • to others, like our agents, contractors and service providers, who assist us to provide services to you;
  • to higher education regulatory bodies and clinical Colleges;

We do our best to keep our records of your personal information up to date and accurate and not to keep personal information that is no longer needed.

We sometimes may be required  to pass on personal information for legal or safety reasons or other special circumstances.


Last modified: Thursday, 24 February 2022, 1:59 PM