Course 2 - Approach to Short Case RACP Examination

The Alfred Hospital traditionally has outstanding results in the FRACP Clinical Examination, with success rates consistently exceeding state and national averages. We are excited to share this preparation course with external applicants.

This is the second of three courses designed to give you the required skills to be successful in the adult medicine RACP clinical examinations. Join Associate Professors Laila Rotstein and Anne Powell who are the Directors of Physician Education at Alfred Health as they chair webinars to assist in the short case preparation course and share with you interactive online modules in each of the areas of subspecialty medicine.

The pandemic has led to a reduction in patient face to face contacts for basic physician trainees. This continues to be an issue with a greater number of telehealth consultations in ambulatory care clinics. This has made it more difficult to prepare adequately for the short case component of the RACP clinical examinations.

We have designed a series of online modules which include a step-by-step practical guide to the different short cases commonly encountered in the RACP examinations including consented patients who have given their time to improve the clinical education of trainees across Australia and New Zealand.


1.     An introduction to the short case examination including important tips for common systems

a.     Webinar 

b.     Online modules

2.     An approach to the cardiology short case

a.     Online module

3.     An approach to the respiratory short case

a.     Online module

4.     An approach to the abdominal short case

a.     Online module

5.     An approach to a rheumatology short case

a.     Online modules

6.     An approach to the neurology short case

a.     Webinar 

b.     Online modules

7.     Other short case examinations

a.     Online modules


This course is a combination of Webinars which run live (recorded and made available shortly afterwards on the learning site) in addition to a series of articulate modules that run through details and examples which can be accessed at any time leading up to the examination.


This program is aimed at basic physician trainees who are preparing for their RACP clinical examinations in Australia or New Zealand.


Course enrollments open February 2023

Cost:- $440 including GST ($1100 including GST for package of all three 2022 clinical examination courses)

How to enrol:- Register here

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